Canada's National Arts Centre:
NAC Orchestra

Banfield · 2016

For years, the NAC Orchestra had been following the same template for all of its single-ticket marketing, pairing the title of a performance with the headshot of its featured musician. With the NAC needing to evolve to appeal to new and younger audiences, it was decided that relying on the recognizably of the artists was no longer the best approach to generate attention and drive sales.

Our solution was to develop a creative platform that provided with the flexibility to visually interpret the different pieces being performed in a way that would connect with audiences in a more meaningful way. The creative developed to promote each performance would always be based on the insight that a live orchestra concert allows your mind to escape reality.


Amber Warren
Art Director
Concept Developer

Timothy Jones
Creative Director

Lindsay Gavey
Account Director

Emily Charette
Account Executive

Stephanie Lapointe
Account Executive

Lynn Bereza
Media Director 

Christopher Ryan

Graphic Artist

Carol Donegan 
Graphic Artist

Judy Burns

Graphic Artist

Greg Rouble
Graphic Artist