Canada's National Arts Centre:
NAC Presents 2016-17

Banfield · 2016

NAC Presents is a unique performance series that brings Canadian singer-songwriters to Canada’s national stage. The series features artists from a variety of genres, whose experience ranges from new-to-the-industry to music icons. Like other artistic streams at the NAC, it is facing the challenge of an aging consumer base and a need to be relevant to a new generation of concert goers.

The look-and-feel of the 2016-17 season was new take on the series positioning of “We love Canadian music” with a focus on younger audiences. A key insight for this group is that while they typically stream their music, they also associate going to a record store with the idea of making musical discoveries—which NAC Presents is all about. With this in mind, we built a campaign around a “Canadian-made” record treated with a popular digital world duotone filter.

Amber Warren
Art Director
Concept Developer

Timothy Jones
Creative Director

Olivier Fortin

Véronique Gravel
Account Director

Emily Charette
Account Executive

Tyler Williams
Video Production 

Devon Singleton
Video Production 

Ryan Grevett
Video Production 

Erin Watson
eDM Developer

Lynn Bereza
Media Director 

Ben Marley

Video Production

Rocket 57

Christopher Ryan
Graphic Artist

Carol Donegan
Graphic Artist