Banfield Newsletter:
Branded by Love

Banfield · 2016

Every month, Banfield sends out a newsletter with three articles that all stem from an overall theme relating to our industry. Last February, the theme was “Love” and I wrote an article about brand loyalty — which involved sending out a company survey to ask them what brands they are loyal to.  

To make the article more visual, I decided to give the survey results some “extra love” by turning them into an infographic that put a creative twist on the traditional pie chart with colour ratios and illustrations.

Thousands of brands are fighting for the attention of audiences, and the ones who cut through the clutter and win hearts have found ways to connect with people on a deeper level.

Although it may be love at first sight, not all relationships can stand the test of time. Just like people, it is only natural that our relationships with brands change, evolve and grow.